George the Elephant has come all the way from Bali, Indonesia to Nimmitabel.

Why Nimmitabel?

Well Why not……. You won’t forget about seeing an Elephant in the middle of Nimmitabel any time soon will you?

Chris and Kim Adams, the previous owners of the Nimmitabel Bakery took their annual holiday in Bali and had a love for everything Balinese. One year while traveling around they came across George, and fell in love with him.

In the late 90’s  the era of the “big things” they thought he would make a great tourist attraction for Nimmitabel.

In order to be shipped to Australia he was cut in half and put in 2 shipping containers for the jouney and was reassembled at the other side. He was then put on a truck and paraded around Sydney and Canberra on the way to his final resting place – Nimmitabel Bakery.

Still today he is a source of fascination and the reason for our most frequently asked question “what is the story of the Elephant”